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To be eligible to represent Worcester State University in a Division III intercollegiate athletic competition, a student-athlete shall maintain satisfactory progress and remain in good standing toward a baccalaureate degree as determined by Worcester State.

  • A student-athlete must be a full-time undergraduate registered for at least a minimum full-time program of studies of 12 semester hours
  • Good Standing: To be regarded in Good Standing, students must meet the minimum Quality Point Average as specified in the chart below based on the number of credits attempted:
Credits Attempted Minimum Quality Point Average
1-29 1.50
30-59 1.75
60 and Over 2.00
  • Credits attempted included all credits completed at Worcester State University and all college credits accepted in transfer from other institutions. Only Worcester State grades will be computed in the Quaility Point Average.
  •  A student-athlete who has completed at least one academic year in residence or utilized one season of eligibility in a sport shall be required to pass 24 semester credit hours since the beginning of the student-athlete's last season of varsity play
    • Credit hours earned in summer may be utilized to satisfy this academic requirement.
    • The minimum full-time program of studies may be waived for a student who is completing their final semester of the baccalaurette program, provide the Registrar certifies that the student is carrying the credit for courses nessesary to complete the degree requirements.
  •   A student-athlete may not participate in more than four seasons of intercollegiate competition in any one sport.
  • A student-athlete shall complete his/her seasons of participation during 10 semesters in which the student is enrolled in a collegiate instition in a full-time program of studies. 
  • The coaching staff is responsible for selecting team members, establishing rosters and selecting rosters. Coaches and student-athletes are expected to maintain communication regarding the student-athletes eligibility.
  • Transfer students must meet the transfer eligibility requirements. Please contact either Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance/Eligibility Karen Tessmer, Assistant to the Director of Academic Support Kelly Downs or the athletics department office for transfer forms.
  • To fill out a NCAA Division III Self Release Form (for transfer students), please click on this link.
  • A student-athlete will be charged with a season of participation if he/she practices or competes during or after the first contest.




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