New and returning student-athletes, please make sure to read and fill out ALL information that is listed below along with specific deadlines to help expedite the check-in process.

All online athletic training forms must be submitted no later than Friday, August, 1. You will need these completed forms to practice.

If you have any questions regarding these forms please direct them to Jessica Meany, Head Athletic Trainer, at 508-929-8024 or

This will be the fourth year that NCAA Compliance Forms will be sent directly to student-athletes e-mail addresses. Student-athletes will still be required to fill out all Worcester State eligibility forms at check-in day.

Please do not forget to fill out the online Sports Information Questionaire.


Sports Information Form (Online)


Athletic Training Participation Information


Online Athletic Training Questionaire

SWOL Form Directions (PDF)

Sports Health Form - For Returning Student-Athletes

(To Be Filled Out When Getting An Updated Physical)




The NCAA is now requiring all member institutions to confirm each student-athletes sickle cell trait status (SCTS). ALL student-athletes must provide documented proof of their SCTS prior to participating (this includes practices, contests and conditioning) as of August, 2014.

Student-athletes who are positive for Sickle Cell Trait will be allowed to participate in intercollegiate athletics; this does NOT prohibit the student-athlete from participating. Knowing your SCT will help the athletics department staff (Athletic Trainers, physicians and coaches) make adjustments to your training program, monitor your health during participation and provide proper care if you become ill. 

One of the following two options must be chosen to meet the SCTS confirmation requirement:

1. You must provide a copy of your newborn sickle cell test results. Contact your hospital of birth and/or pediatrician's office and request your SCTS results from birth. Most states, after 3/6/90, require newborns to be tested for SCT.

Newborn Screening Authorization Form (PDF - For Massachusetts Residents)

2. Provide a copy of a recent Sickle Cell Solubility test indicating your SCTS. This requires a written request from a physician, a blood draw from a physicians office or lab and a lab test.

Educational material regarding SCTS can be found on this website link or on our website in this PDF document.




The NCAA has implementing a stricter application of the existing Medical Exemptions Policy. This is a policy which requires proof of current prescriptions for medications an athlete is currently taking that is a banned substance. This now includes diagnosises and medications for student-athletes with ADD and ADHD. Please see the ADHD/ADD information sheet with any questions.

ADD/ADHD Physician Form (PDF)




If anyone is having trouble filling out any of the above forms please contact the Sports Information Director at

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