History of the Sterling Cup

Named for the Town of Sterling which lies halfway between both Universities, the "Sterling Cup" was started in 1990 by the student government associations of both schools to build a traditional rivalry between Fitchburg State University and Worcester State University.

The rules were tweaked along the way by Hall of Fame sports information directors Bruce Baker of Worcester State and Dave Marsh of Fitchburg State.

At the end of the spring season, one school is honored with the coveted Sterling Cup trophy, symbolizing dominant success over the opposing school. One point is awarded to the regular season winner in each of the 16 NCAA sponsored sports. At the end of the year, the school with the most points is deemed the Sterling Cup Champion.

For sports that play multiple times in the same season, the team must win twice in regular season head-to-head competition to earn the full point, if not, than the point is split. In the event of an overall tie at the end of the season, the institution holding the Sterling Cup must relinquish it to the rival university for the next year.

During the 2010-11 season, the field was expanded by six varsity sports to include the cross country and track & field based upon the results of each squad at their conference championship. Women's volleyball was removed from the equasion in 2003 and women's lacrosse was added during the 2007-08 season.


 2014-15 Sterling Cup Results

Sport Game-By-Game Results WSU Points   FSU Points
Men's Cross XC*        Fitchburg State
Women's XC* Worcester State
1 0
Football Fitchburg State, 40-24
Field Hockey Fitchburg State, 2-1
0 1
Men's Soccer Fitchburg State, 1-0 OT
Women's Soccer Worcester State, 4-0
Men's Basketball  Worcester State, 79-92, 58-56
Women's Basketball FSU, 73-67; WSU, 61-48
Ice Hockey WSU, 4-2; FSU, 6-3, 3-2
Men's Indoor Track* Worcester State
Women's Indoor Track* Worcester State

Women's Lacrosse

Men's Outdoor Track*

Womens Outdoor Track*

Total   5.5

*Cross Country along with Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field are computed based upon the better finish at the MASCAC Championships in each season of play.


Sterling Cup History
Year Winner Score
1990-91 Tie 4.5-4.5
1991-92 Tie 4.5-4.5
1992-93 Worcester State 5-4
1993-94 Tie 5-5
1994-95 Tie 5-5
1995-96 Fitchburg State 6-4
1996-97 Worcester State 7-3
1997-98 Worcester State 6.5-3.5
1998-99 Worcester State 8-1
1999-00 Fitchburg State 6-4
2000-01 Worcester State 8-2 
2001-02 Worcester State 7.5-2.5 
2002-03 Worcester State 8.5-1.5 
2003-04~ Worcester State 8-1
2004-05 Worcester State 5.5-3.5 
2005-06 Worcester State 5-4 
2006-07 Fitchburg State 5.5-3.5 
2007-08^ Tie 5-5 
2008-09 Worcester State 8-2 
2009-10 Tie 5-5 
2010-11* Worcester State 10-6
2011-12* Worcester State 11.5-3.5
2012-13* Worcester State 12-4
2013-14* Worcester State 13.5-2.5
  Worcester State  
  Leads All-Time   
XC and T & F    
~Removes Volleyball    
^Adds Womens